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Did You Experience An Aviation Accident?

The emotional trauma and physical injury you or a loved one face from an aviation accident can last a lifetime. While you may eventually begin to recover from the physical injuries, the memories of what happened are sure to last much longer.

There can be a whole range of injuries from an error made while in an aircraft. There is a lot of advanced machinery for a large staff to maintain. When one person misses a step, it can mean catastrophic injuries for an innocent passenger.

The Law Offices of Lawrence Shea in California has been helping people with personal injury cases, including aviation injuries for over 30 years. Whether your injury came from a commercial or private flight, an experienced lawyer can help you understand your claim and how to move forward.

How Do These Accidents Happen?

There is much responsibility that comes with operating an aircraft. There can be many lives at stake both in the air and on the ground. An error in one part of the process of getting or keeping an airplane in the air can mean significant problems for everyone on the aircraft.

We can help you seek the recovery you deserve for injuries caused by mistakes, including:

  • Pilot errors
  • Helicopter malfunctions
  • Negligent air traffic controllers
  • Aircraft structure or design defect
  • Equipment malfunctions

Ready To Talk When You Are

Talking to an attorney about your injuries is the first step in your claim. I can help you get started on your aviation accident claim. My office is in San Diego, but I take cases nationwide. To make an appointment, call 858-777-2071 or contact me online.