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When Your Air Bag Fails

You hope that you will never need the safety features in your vehicle. You hope that you will never have a day where you are counting on the air bags and other safety mechanisms to help you avoid injuries in a crash. Still, you hope that in a crash, those features will be there for you to keep you safe and reduce your injuries.

When those features fail, you can suffer severe injuries. The same features that were supposed to protect you can cause severe injury leaving you in a worse condition after your accident. When an air bag fails or deploys in a way that causes more harm, you may have frustrating injuries.

After an accident where you have air bag injuries, it is essential to talk to a skilled attorney about your injuries. The Law Offices of Lawrence Shea can help you with your California air bag injury claim.

I Understand Air Bag Injuries

An air bag is supposed to provide support and protection in the event of a crash. When it is not there for you, the results can be devastating.

We can help you with injuries from defective air bags, including:

  • Burns or abrasions from contact with the air bag
  • Chest pain form an impact injury
  • Inhalation injuries from chemicals released during deployment
  • Arm or hand injury from air bag impact

Ready To Listen

Dealing with an air bag injury claim means you need a lawyer with experience. I can help you with your air bag injury claim so you can focus on getting better. My office is located in San Diego, but I take cases nationwide. To schedule a free consultation, contact me online or call 858-777-2071.