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My Unique Approach

Neither of us can afford to lose your once in a lifetime case. I do careful research before I recommend you file a lawsuit. I only take cases the other side will lose because we have the better case.

My career depended on my ability to assess extremely difficult cases where excellent lawyers could not agree on what to do and the client needed someone with superior skills to assess the situation. I only advanced because clients who followed my recommendations succeeded. In the corporate world, one loss can mean the end of an attorney’s career. My career didn’t end; it advanced to the very top of the pyramid.

Execution Is The Name Of The Game

Knowing what to do is only 10 percent of success. The other 90 percent is excellent execution. Excellence in execution isn’t about doing what most lawyers do well; it is about being excellent at what most lawyers don’t learn in law school.

All lawyers are expected to file excellent briefs and argue the law, and most can do these tasks well early in their career. The next skill level is jury trial success. Very few lawyers have the opportunity to try many jury trial cases. I was lucky and completed enough peer-reviewed jury trials to be admitted to The American Board of Trial Advocates very early in my career – in my mid-30s.

The next skill level is excelling in very complex litigation requiring the assimilation of very large amounts of data. There were thousands of plaintiffs in the “Erin Brockovich” case. I was required to manage huge volumes of data, from exposure to injury and liability of multiple parties going back to the 1950s. Those skills were advanced in my role as coordinating counsel for an insurance company which required the assessment of thousands of condo complexes and apartments damaged in the Northridge Earthquake, as well as tens of class actions.

The highest skill level is the ability to assess complex situations, apply the law, devise a strategy and have the personal skills to go into a courtroom of the very best lawyers and emerge as the leader so that your strategy will govern the case over all the strategies the other lawyers are pushing. This requires excellence at what all lawyers do, excellence with data and then the interpersonal skills to lead. To finish well, then, requires excellent skills to prepare a complex case for trial while negotiating complex deals involving hundreds of millions over months/years against the best lawyers in the country. For a corporate client to believe they have the right lawyer for the job, they have to believe that their lawyer is doing better at these high-level skills than any other lawyer they can hire – and they can hire any lawyer they want. They hired me.

Execution and leadership are what set me apart.

How My Skills Can Apply To Your Case

Corporations expect that their lawyers will be better than the consumer’s lawyer. When the consumer hires an excellent lawyer, it makes them nervous. When the consumer hires a lawyer these corporations think may be better than their own lawyer, the game changes.

Corporations are inherently nervous about jury trials. Jurors are not peers of corporations, meaning they do not identify with corporate interests. If a corporate defendant concludes that the consumer has hired a top-tier trial lawyer in a case that will have to be decided by a jury, and the consumer’s lawyer is excellent at valuing cases and persuading, the case will settle quickly and for fair value.

I do my own investigation and I dig deep. Most lawyers at my level rely on younger lawyers to work up a case. I take a few cases and handle them personally. I want to know your case better than anyone before we begin. I talk to witnesses and I read cases. When I come up with a strategy, I know it is something I can win in court.

I include a settlement strategy as part of the case strategy from day one in every case. I make it known to the other side that we would prefer to mediate early. The other side knows what we are capable of accomplishing in the courtroom, so there is no need for puffery. One of the benefits of hiring excellent lawyers is that their cases settle earlier and for more value.

My career has depended on my ability to accurately predict whether a settlement was a good deal. If I recommended against a settlement, my career depended on having the skills to do well in court. If I am tested, I lay down a beating in court that will worry any corporate case manager. I may not always win, but I will never be underestimated.

What Kinds Of Cases Do I Handle?

I handle good cases for worthy people. It is no more specific than that. Great lawyers are accustomed to being brought into situations too varied to be listed on a website.

There is almost no type of personal injury or property damage case that I have not handled before in one form or another, and there are many examples of one-of-a-kind cases that I have come up to speed on and successfully litigated. If the cause of loss is just wrong and the person is seriously injured and worthy of justice, odds are it is the type of case I will be interested in handling. My firm will apply the skills necessary to succeed. Where necessary, I have the means to hire highly specialized lawyers to assist me with arcane narrow issues of law to complete the experience equation, such as maritime lawyers for a sinking.

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To learn more about how I can help you, please contact me online or call 858-777-2071. I offer free initial consultations. I am a California lawyer, located in San Diego, but I take cases nationwide.