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What Are Mass Tort Cases?

A mass tort is a lawsuit filed against a corporation or entity that caused harm to a group of people. These cases are large and complex so you need an experienced lawyer who has worked with mass torts before. I have personally handled many mass tort cases that involved exorbitant losses and damages. Some of these include:

  • Earthquakes (Los Angeles earthquake litigation)
  • Flooding (La Quinta flood cases in 2014)
  • Maritime accidents (sinking ship in San Diego)
  • Product defects (Honda rollover case)
  • Toxic torts (Hinkley groundwater contamination)

I have the skills to stand up to any entity in the courtroom and win. I have a history of success winning awards for my clients in any mass tort situation that arises.

My Experience In Mass Tort Cases

I served as a managing defense attorney for the Aguayo v. PG&E mass tort case. At the time, it was the largest legal case in California. Through our preparation, negotiation skills and strong legal strategies, we achieved an excellent settlement for the victims affected.

My ability to defend clients in mass torts is proven by my results. The insurance company that previously employed me created a separate position called coordinating counsel because of my results, in which I handled the most high-stakes cases that the company faced.

If you have been affected by disasters, defects or other incidents that caused significant harm, please request a free consultation. Please contact me online or call 858-777-2071 to schedule. I serve San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Mass Torts