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Case Results

Aguayo v. Pacific Gas & Electric : Represented a Fortune 500 Chemical company alleged to have contributed to Chromium contamination at various CA sites. This case formed the basis for T he Erin Brockovich Story, an Academy Award winning movie. Case settled for undisclosed sum.

Ekhamel v. American Honda Motor Co.: Represented a middle aged experienced off road rider of a three wheeler who was seriously injured as a result of a defective product due to rollover instability and crash-worthiness. Settled for an undisclosed sum.

In Re Northridge Earthquake Litigation: Represented largest California insurer of multi-family homes in over 1500 lawsuits involving 100,000 living units, plus multiple class actions. Lead the defense team for 8 years with primary responsibility for multi-case strategy, client engagement, and courtroom presentation. Settled for undisclosed sum totaling over $2B aggregate.

In Re 2014 Floods in La Quinta and Indian Wells: Represented approximately 75 homeowners for flooding resulting from the 2014 floods in the Coachella Valley. Sued various private and governmental entities for flood control maintenance torts. Settled for an undisclosed amount.

In Re F/V Invicta: Represented 21 passengers aboard a sportfishing vessel that sank off the coast of San Diego in 2016. Settled for an undisclosed amount.

In Re Managed Care Litigation: This national case involved all medical insurance companies, all hospitals and doctors concerning automated bill review and payment practices. I represented a California insurer of various medical insurance plans sued for bad faith denial of benefits and failure to defend. Fee claims against my client totaled $75-100M. Settled for undisclosed amount well below fees to date after client suffered an adverse appellate court decision while case was being defended by previous counsel. Very complicated case with an exceptional result.

In Re F/V 1200 Ton Purse Seiner: Represented owner of 1200 ton tuna purse seiner which sank in the Western Pacific. London insurance market denied the claim due to alleged owner negligence and we sued for insurance bad faith. Case settled for 100% of the insured value.

In Re Sharps Injury to Nurse Resulting in HIV Transmission: Represented an ER nurse who suffered a finger prick due to an unguarded syringe. Sued Becton-Dickenson for alleged failure to bring safety syringes to market despite knowledge of risks. Settled for undisclosed amount.

Additionally, hundreds of cases involving car accidents, workers maimed or killed by industrial machinery, crane accidents, tram accidents, helmet failures, road design cases, etc.

Handled thousands of insurance bad faith cases involving auto, home, commercial, life, disability involving every conceivable fact pattern.