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I hand select my cases and I handle them personally. I am your attorney and you will know that I am the only person who speaks for you in Court. When I take a case you will have my personal cell phone and will be able to talk to me at any time. I often become friends with my clients long after the case is finished.

If I lose I do not get paid. I only work for a percentage of the money you recover. For this reason, I choose cases we can win and I do everything necessary to increase the probability this happens.

I am a terrific negotiator who over a span of 5 years negotiated hundreds of individual cases with a total settlement value of over $2 billion. Very few lawyers have that opportunity.

Great settlements occur when the other side decides the case can be lost in Court. The worst thing that can happen to your one case in a lifetime is for the other side to decide they can beat your lawyer. Hire a lawyer the other side will conclude is at least as good as their own.

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I choose all kinds of cases from catastrophic personal injury to business torts and insurance bad faith. Corporations hired me based on the money involved not the legal theory. For me it isn’t so much the subject matter as it is the opportunity you and I have to succeed together. If your once in a lifetime case involves serious injury by any cause, I am a worthwhile call to make.

We are also looking for cases involving large numbers of people. If I have a specialty it is in mass tort litigation. If you suffered minor injury along with a large number of other people, please give me a call. Sometimes the very best cases involve nothing more than good, ordinary people getting pushed around. We are very experienced in class action litigation.

If necessary I will join forces with the best and largest consumer law firms in the country. I know these lawyers personally because we were adversaries in my corporate past life. They know my capabilities so they gladly partner with me on cases I choose to handle personally. If I take your case you will never want for more experienced or more reputable lawyers even up the very largest cases that exist.

If you think you have a great case it is worth your time to call. If I don’t represent you I will refer you to other lawyers at no cost to you.

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I have seen the impact that injuries have on people’s lives. I will fight for your rights while you focus on adjusting to your circumstances. To request a free consultation, please email me or call 858-777-2071. I serve the San Diego area.

Icon Case Results

Aguayo v. Pacific Gas & Electric: Represented a Fortune 500 Chemical company alleged to have contributed to Chromium contamination at various CA sites. This case formed the basis for The Erin Brockovich Story, an Academy Award winning movie. Case settled for undisclosed sum.

Ekhamel v. American Honda Motor Co.: Represented a middle aged experienced off road rider of a three wheeler who was seriously injured as a result of a defective product due to rollover instability and crash-worthiness. Settled for an undisclosed sum.

In Re Northridge Earthquake Litigation: Represented largest California insurer of multi-family homes in over 1500 lawsuits involving 100,000 living units, plus multiple class actions. Lead the defense team for 8 years with primary responsibility for multi-case strategy, client engagement, and courtroom presentation. Settled for undisclosed sum totaling over $2B aggregate.

In Re 2014 Floods in La Quinta and Indian Wells: Represented approximately 75 homeowners for flooding resulting from the 2014 floods in the Coachella Valley. Sued various private and governmental entities for flood control maintenance torts. Settled for an undisclosed amount.

In Re F/V Invicta: Represented 21 passengers aboard a sportfishing vessel that sank off the coast of San Diego in 2016. Settled for an undisclosed amount.