Hire A Lawyer Who Cares About You Personally

I hand select my cases and I handle them personally. I am your attorney and you will know that I am the only person who speaks for you in Court. When I take a case you will have my personal cell phone and will be able to talk to me at any time. I often become friends with my clients long after the case is finished.

If I lose I do not get paid. I only work for a percentage of the money you recover. For this reason, I choose cases we can win and I do everything necessary to increase the probability this happens.

I am a terrific negotiator who over a span of 5 years negotiated hundreds of individual cases with a total settlement value of over $2 billion. Very few lawyers have that opportunity.

Great settlements occur when the other side decides the case can be lost in Court. The worst thing that can happen to your one case in a lifetime is for the other side to decide they can beat your lawyer. Hire a lawyer the other side will conclude is at least as good as their own.